Tooth Grinding / Migraine ReliefDo you suffer from TMJ problems, migraines, headaches, jaw, or neck pain? Are you tired of taking daily medications for these issues only to have little or no relief? Do you grind or clench your teeth? Did you know that a customized night time bite appliance may just be what your dentist orders?

People who clench and grind their teeth do it mostly at night during sleep. Many of those people wake up with severe pain from this activity. Imagine that you ran an 8 hour marathon-your legs would be pretty sore right? Those who clench and grind during sleep are using jaw muscles for hours on end. Like your legs, your jaw has muscles attached-muscles that can get really sore!

Dr. Fryer offers the NTI appliance-the only FDA non-medicinal therapy approved to treat and prevent migraine headaches. It’s a small highly engineered and customized appliance that is specifically designed to keep your back teeth from making contact with anything. No tooth to tooth contact in the back of your mouth prevents the patient from being fully able to clench, which in turn, prevents pain. There is nothing else like it available.

There is no reason to suffer from this pain anymore. Ask us about the NTI appliance! Better yet-ask Missy the next time you see her. She’s been wearing an NTI for many years!