Hey Clevelanders!

Have you had a  sleep study done within the past 12 months?

Have you been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea?

Do you have difficulty wearing your CPAP device?

If you’ve answered YES to all those questions, Dr. Fryer can help!

Did you know that an oral appliance is a great treatment alternative for sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate their CPAP?

It’s true!

Sometimes CPAP machines can be difficult to wear and can make sleeping difficult, which is ironically the exact OPPOSITE thing it’s supposed to do! An oral appliance is a medical device that positions your jaw in a way that allows your airway to be more open. It’s similar to wearing a mouth guard. Imagine the freedom from hoses and noise! It is also much easier to travel with an oral appliance over a CPAP.

Come on Northeast Ohio, let’s sleep better!

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