What’s the Invisalign Process?

Treatment Process

From consultation to confident new smile with newly straightened teeth, you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

Your first consultation

At your initial consultation, Dr. Fryer will discuss your needs and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

Your custom treatment plan

Dr. Fryer will take digital impressions-not messy physical impressions-to create 3D images of your teeth. These precise images will allow Invisalign to create perfect fitting trays that will straighten your teeth. From those scans, Dr. Fryer will be able to create a plan that will include the exact movements of your teeth and how long your treatment will be. You’ll even get to see how your teeth will move and preview your new smile.

Your Invisalign clear aligners

Your custom-made aligners will be made of our proprietary SmartTrack® material. They’re virtually invisible, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them during your teeth straightening.

Wear your Invisalign clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day for the best results, taking them out to eat and to brush and floss.

Your progress

As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gently and gradually shift into place. Dr. Fryer may recommend that you begin wearing a new set of aligners every week and schedule check-ups every six weeks or so. At every stage you’ll be able to see your progress and imagine how far your new smile will take you.

Taking care of your new smile

When your treatment is complete, ask your doctor about a Vivera® retainer. Vivera retainers are custom-made using the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign clear aligners.

The Invisalign process is a modern and precise way to straighten your teeth. We would love to take you through this process to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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